An idiot-shaped sequel

Remember the publisher who says I’m not serious about my writing because I don’t have more than 200 friends and followers on each and every social media platform?


Well, I do. I’ve been watching them to see what I can learn about being serious.

Lesson one – a blog piece is not for Christmas, it’s for life. It’s marketing collateral. Twitter it on repeat until civilization crumbles. And then do it some more.

Lesson two – if you go to a convention of graphic artists, writers, and other assorted talent, and those people don’t fall over themselves to work for you, they’re not serious about their careers either. And they certainly don’t understand marketing.

Lesson three – when writing a blog piece exposing the naivety of creative talent and mocking their lack of business sense, why not also patronize and demean your target customer base. In the world of serious publishing that’s a big Win-Win. Apparently.

Lesson four – you can never beat a good theme to death. Writers who don’t take their careers  “seriously” – as per the 200 rule – are hobbyists with money to burn, armchair quarterbacks (whatever that means) and the real SERIOUS professional writers need our support while they entertain us and raise the bar of the craft.

The good news is this serious publisher is up to 122 Facebook friends.

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One thought on “An idiot-shaped sequel

  1. Very entertaining piece. I don’t read these guys anymore (nor follow); but it’s fun to see them skewered here. BTW: thanks for the follow. Will certainly follow back.

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