Posted in April 2012

I read the news today. Oh boy

I think sometimes I must be living under a rock. Today, for a change, I read a newspaper and a magazine each from cover to cover. Here’s some things I learned that you probably already knew. They are building a new skyscraper in Manhattan and if everything goes to plan then by the end of … Continue reading

Something for the weekend

I’m sure there’s something wrong about wishing your life away but I can’t wait for five thirty. I’m picking Maddy up off the train and we’re going to the coast for a night of excess and debauchery – fish and chips out of the paper and a drink on Custom House Quay. The rest of … Continue reading

An idiot-shaped box

Yesterday I came across a small publisher who was looking for writers in the genre I’m currently writing in. I was quite excited until I dug deeper into their website. I’m not going to name names because I’ve no interest in getting into a fight on the internet but the overall tone was arrogant and … Continue reading

Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.

Had a long chat yesterday with Maddy and She Who Must Be Obeyed – our editor at Pankhearst. It ended up a big brainstorming session and, of course, I ended up with a lot of work. Revise my first story before She edits it any further. Plan a brief series of erotica short-shorts featuring the … Continue reading

Yesterday and today

Yesterday I submitted my short story for consideration by the Pankhearst collective. My friend Madeline suggested I might want to try because they’d been let down by one writer and they decided to recruit two to take her place. Mad got one of those berths and twenty minutes ago I was told I’ve got the … Continue reading